MY PEACEFUL WORLD 40 Songs Collection
This collection set was put together for people requesting a play list of all of Shirley Cason's most relaxing songs. You can listen to this 40 song collection at your favorite music website. Enjoy the hours of peaceful & quiet music...



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What People Say About the music 

  • Muhammad - EGYPT
    Comments: I love your music, it's magnificent, keep making the world such beautiful things.
    All love and appreciation
    Favorite song: Inner Peace with love

  • Marcio - BRAZIL
    Comments: Shirley, good night. It is always a pleasure to hear your music. I am Brazilian and I want to leave here a hug and congratulate her.

  • Chitra - INDIA
    Comments: The music you weave entices the soul & leaves it hungry to listen for more - tranquil & soothin

  • ilhan - TURKEY
    Comments: I was very tired so I wanted to listen soft I looked my computer then ? found you.Your music relaxed me so much. Thanks and live long years....   Favorite song: all

  • Will - NEW ENGLAND - USA
    Comments: Love your music !

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