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Now, having all this snow around the next event naturally occurred. children and snowmen were popping up everywhere outside. I even built a snowman myself. I brought some snow in for the cats to play with, but they purr...fer to just look out the window.

Children & Snowmen - Lyrics

Walking along here in the snow
Winter has stayed far too long.
Wishing again for winter to end.
For Spring to sing her love song.

Children and snowmen are out in the snow.
They don't mind the cold.
Kitties and doggies look out their window.
Wondering what is all this snow!

No one's in town walking around.
Everyone's safe in their home.
The town's café is empty today.
No one wants even hot cocoa!

(repeat Chorus)

Grandma and Grandpa left months ago
for the warm coast of Mexico.
Walking back home,
The wind howls and blows,
I need to get out of this cold!
(repeat Chorus)

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